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I love natural, warm and airy photos. I'm each time honored to create your memories and I put a lot of love in your photos. I shoot film and digital camera and will always do my best to make your wedding experience better !


I love natural, warm and airy photos. I'm each time honored to create your memories and I put a lot of love in your photos. I shoot film and digital camera and will always do my best to make your wedding experience better !

Because life is unique, I feel very lucky and grateful to be able to create memories for people. I love capturing life and telling stories with my camera. If you like luminous photos, with natural expressions and no poses or eccentric set-ups, I should be your photographer and I would be honored to create your souvenirs. Spontaneity and emotion are the two elements which catch my attention and drive me to trigger the camera.

I will guide you through your search for a wedding photographer in the most honest and sincere possible way. I will ensure you find the best photographer for you, the one who will best correspond you, even if that person is not me. You will find many useful information in the ”Frequently asked questions” below.

I am a super lucky man. I’m very grateful because I live each day wonderful stories and I meet amazing people. My job is really a gift because I share, by your side one of the better and happiest moment of your lives.

Having the ability to create photos of these gold moments makes me very happy and grateful. I love film photography because the way of shooting is different and all the process is more authentic. The photos are timeless and the imperfections gives more reality to theses photos, I love that.

I’m of a rather discreet character, and I enjoy observing those who surround me. The photo-report style suits me best because I like to make myself invisible and let naturalness take over. That is how I obtain more spontaneous and soulful pictures. I always dedicate myself wholeheartedly to anything I undertake and I build unique ties with each couple I work with. That is the type of relationship I like working around, and my soon-to-be married couples as well. They feel more confident that way and therefore candidly offer their best expressions on my pictures.

I wish you a lovely and inspiring visit through my listing and website.


Grand-Est(Alsace, Champagne-Ardenneand Lorraine) Nouvelle-Aquitaine(Aquitaine, Limousin andPoitou-Charentes) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Occitanie(Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées) Hauts-de-France(Nord-Pas-de-Calaisand Picardie) Normandy(Basse-Normandy andHaute-Normandy) Brittany Centre(Val de Loire) Île-de-France Pays de la Loire Provence-Alpes-Côted’Azur Corsica


What is your pricing?

The question of pricing is sometimes misunderstood by engaged couples. Indeed, you will find photographers from 500€ up to 10000€! I like working with total transparency and sincerity with you, which is why I only give my detailed pricing in meetings. I can then explain my approach and give you precisions concerning the different rates observed on the market. I am absolutely not looking to ”sell you” my work because I consider that the most important thing is that our relationship is as sound as possible, so that on the day of your wedding, mutual trust is complete. To me it is the only environment in which you will offer me your most beautiful expressions! As an indicative basis, my pricing starts at 2500€ including all taxes. Don’t forget that whatever the price you put into your photography service, the most important is the feeling you have had your money’s worth.


You can contact me by phone, email, or through the contact form on the website to book a first meeting. I am generally very responsive! If you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours, consider I have not gotten your message, and in that case please try calling directly.

What happens during the first meeting?

First I get to know you: who you are, your story, what characterizes you, what you like and dislike.Then we talk about the wedding, what you have planned, what you would like and what you expect from the photographer. Finally I will explain how I personally work, what touches me and catches my eye, how I see things. I don’t think there are good or bad photographers, just photographers who match you and those who don’t. I will give you advice on how to find the best photographer for YOU, even if that isn’t me. If I find I can satisfy your expectations, I will then give you my pricing and draw up a custom quote if necessary. I will answer all your questions, and we will decide together whether we want to work together on this wedding.

Do you sign a contract?

At the end of the meeting, if you would like to make sure I will be present at your wedding, you can sign a contract which commits us to each other. You will have to leave a deposit, the amount of which will vary according to the chosen options.

Can you do couple sessions appart from the wedding day?

With pleasure! I even recommend it, you just need to ask for it and you will benefit from a preferential price if you book that option when signing the contract! The wedding day goes by so quickly that you will be left with the feeling of not being able to enjoy your guests’ company enough. By doing the couple’s session another day you will gain precious minutes to really enjoy your special day.

What happens if you are unable to make it to the wedding?

That has never yet happened to me, but should there be any impediment to my presence at your wedding, I will propose a replacement solution. I work with photographers who hold the same professional standards as I do, and who will commit to working with you under the same conditions. I will put you in contact and you will be able to decide whether you want to work together or to find another solution on your own, in which case I will return your deposit in full. I will also offer a couple’s session on a later date, as a compensation. I never abandon the couples I work with; quality of service is my absolute priority.

What equipment do you have?

I shoot with digital and film cameras. I really love the look of film photography. I use the Fujifilm Pro 400H films with a Hasselblad H2 and a Mamiya 645 AFD II, both with 80mm f/2.8 lenses. For the digital part, I have two Canon reflex cameras (R6) and two other cameras just in case. I only use lenses with a fixed focal for their luminosity and image quality. So with that gear I have Canon’s whole pro line from the 24mm f/1.4L to the 135mm f/2L. For image treatment I work on an imac with a calibrated screen.

I am not photogenic…

Me neither! Besides models, whose job it is to pose, no one is supposed to be very comfortable in front of the camera. But you know what? It isn’t a problem because I never actually make you pose. I capture people on the spot, when they are not looking at me and they have natural expressions. That way, no more nervous smiles and lifeless looks, pure magic!

What alterations do you do on our pictures?

I really do little to no editing at all. I do photo development which is to say I adjust colorimetry, the balance of whites, tonality and contrast, so that the pictures match my photographer’s identity (luminous, warm, natural). I also do touch ups on alignments and reframing, because, like everyone else, I sometimes shoot a little askew! I sometimes edit out some small imperfections or elements which are detrimental to the picture, such as pigeons, graffiti…

In colors or black and white?

A little bit of both. During photo development, and according to the picture, I choose whether I am going to develop it in color or black and white. I choose depending on which option will best showcase the object of the photo. Besides, I make it so that my choices of photo treatment remain timeless. Indeed, wedding photographies are passed on from generation to generation, so I make sure that the treatment I choose will not be out of date in a few years. I sometimes deliver both versions.

How many pictures do you deliver for a wedding?

I take close to 2500 photos for a wedding, and depending on the story I want to tell, I decide on the right number of photos to deliver, keeping in mind that I always opt for quality over quantity. From experience, for a complete wedding photo report, the right number varies between 300 and 400 images on average.

In what format do you deliver the photos?

I deliver the photos on a usb key which you will receive in a nice box, which will remind you of the importance I put on finishing touches 🙂 On this key you will get all the pictures both in high definition and low definition. You will use HD for editing and LD for consulting and sharing. I also create an online gallery with a private access with user ID and password. This will allow you to share your photos with all your loved ones more easily. You will also receive an album with all the photos from the wedding.

Is it possible to realize albums, print-outs, thank-you cards?

The web gallery I give you access to after the wedding allows you to order photo prints on HD paper. It also allows you to choose the photos you want to make your final album. From that selection I create a mock-up and propose various types of albums, according to your wishes and depending on your budget. For any other medium or forrmat, it is available on demand.

Do you do weddings abroad?

Of course! I love getting new images from new settings, living new experiences. It is really motivating. We have to talk about the plan together and study the possibilities to determine the budget.

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  • Dear Pascal, Thank you for all the work you provided during our wedding. Thank you for your investment, your patience, your kindness and the attention you pay to transcribing the emotions of a wedding. Thank you for allowing us to keep such fond memories of this magical day. It all happened so quickly. I never tire of looking at your photos, they allow me to discover facets of my marriage that I still have not had time to see. Thanks to you, I could do more than show simple photos to my children and grandchildren, I could send them love, tenderness and so many other strong emotions that we shared on May 23, 2015. Another one times thank you. Myriam.
    Myriam M. , 05/23/2015
  • Pascal is the photographer we have chosen for our big day after having met many and we are delighted! From the first meeting, we were marked by his kindness, his professionalism and, above all, his enthusiasm for photography. On the big day, Pascal was there to capture all the moments of this magical day and more than that (he even helped us when it was needed like a true friend). Another big thank you to you, Pascal! To the bride and groom, do not hesitate!
    Katerina S. , 04/22/2017
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