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Carpe Diem Weddings creates and organizes your bespoke wedding and proposes unique experiences and powerful emotions.

Whether in France, Italy or Greece, our dedicated team takes care of every detail, creating an exceptional setting where your dreams come true.
Our goal: to create your wedding based on your story, your wishes and your personality, so that you can enjoy a unique experience, full of joy, emotion and unforgettable memories.


We are conscious that organizing a destination wedding is a complex undertaking for anyone who doesn’t have the time, the address book or the local codes. That’s why we offer you our know-how and expertise to help you free yourself from the mental burden of wedding preparations.

Full-Service Planning : How does it works?

This involves defining the main theme of your wedding, choosing your Provence or French Riviera wedding venue, your Italian / Greece venue, and the service providers you will need. We will accompany you to the meetings with each of them, manage the contracts and budget. We provide you with all the documents you need to monitor the preparations, so that you have a vision as clear as possible of the work in progress.

The visual identity of your wedding is the key feature that define your project. From the choice of colors, materials and lighting to the stationery, floral decorations and tableware, we work on every detail to create a coherent, personalized look. You can be sure that the professionals we work with will highlight your special day with elegance and refinement.

Culinary Experience
As a symbol of sharing and conviviality, the culinary experience you offer your guests will help to create a warm and festive atmosphere. So it won’t be only “choosing a caterer”, but creating a memorable atmosphere around a meal that you’ve defined, bringing guests together through the shared pleasure of food.

Musical entertainment, live bands, artistic performances, fireworks, surprise events, photobooths, culinary shows – we’ll spice up your wedding! These activities will add a playful dimension to the celebration, creating a special and joyful atmosphere.

Your guests
The well-being of your guests is essential to the success of your wedding. That’s why we want to give them the best possible welcome, providing them with airport shuttles and buses for the D-day, as well as a selection of accommodation that we manage and monitor.

Organising a wedding is more than just ticking the boxes for suppliers, planning and budget… It involves a lot of questions and stress for the bride and groom. Our experience enables us to take them into account and anticipate them. We are available to answer all your questions and guide you throughout our collaboration.

If you’ve chosen a destination wedding, you’ll need to attend several meetings to get your preparations underway, if it’s possible for you : venues visits, participation in catering tastings, hair & make-up trials. Please note that we’re available 7/7 during these periods. And we can be reached over a wide range of hours for visios and business meetings.

The D-day
The complete file for your wedding has been given to each service provider.
From the day before your wedding, we are on site for the beginning of preparation.
Then we’ll be with you every day of your 2- or 3-days wedding, with our team dedicated to making your event a success. Of course, we also provide debriefing on the following days.

Price from 7 800€. Depending on the number of guests and the complexity of the project.

For more information and to check our availability please get in touch!



Grand-Est(Alsace, Champagne-Ardenneand Lorraine) Nouvelle-Aquitaine(Aquitaine, Limousin andPoitou-Charentes) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Occitanie(Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées) Hauts-de-France(Nord-Pas-de-Calaisand Picardie) Normandy(Basse-Normandy andHaute-Normandy) Brittany Centre(Val de Loire) Île-de-France Pays de la Loire Provence-Alpes-Côted’Azur Corsica


What is the preparation process ?

The first step of your wedding preparation is scouting the venue as they the most beautiful are rented from one year to the next. For this work, either you can be on site and we make the tour together, or I can do it on my own if you are not available. Then we define the caterer, and the other vendors. For each one, I will propose several options, and organize a video call with each one, to discover each other, and make the choice which will suit you. Then, I verify and monitor the contracts before you sign them.

Do you cover all France regions ? What about Italy and Greece ?

I’m used to working in Provence, Greece and Italy (Tuscany, Amalfi coast, Como lake). But also in other regions, as my clients often ask for these ones. I adapt and can easily move on to organize your wedding where you want.

What does you price includes ?

My price includes a full-service planning as : Management : - Venues research, technical visits. - Research of other vendors, connecting, appointments and contracts. - Management of your budget, schedule. - Tables, documents, roadmaps during the whole preparation. - My presence with assistants the day before if you need, the D-day and the day after your wedding. Accompaniment: - From the signing day to the day after your wedding. - Shared files so we can discuss the evolution of the organization. - Available 7/7 during site visits or vendors meetings. - Unlimited appointments - Chat with WhatsApp, e-mail, Google Meet… - Work with weddings platforms and Google Drive

Can you organize weddings over 2 or 3 days ?

Of course ! Most of the weddings I organize takes place on 2 or 3 days or more. Of course, I can organize and be present to the rehearsal dinner and to the brunch. This is a full part of my job. The rehearsal diner can takes place in the wedding venue or in a restaurant, as the brunch, it’s up to you !

How long do you need to organize my wedding ?

Keep in mind that most of the venues are booked very early in the season, or even the year before. So the sooner the better. However, it depends on your adaptability. If you don’t mind about getting married on mid-week for example, or on early-late season, you will have more availabilities. Concerning the organization on my own, I’ve already organized 3 months wedding !

Do you apply travel and accommodations costs ?

Travel and accommodation costs will depend on the place you will get married. I live in the South of France and don’t apply fees around my office. If you choose Italy or Greece, the fees will be included in the budget I will propose. Yu won’t need to add them at the end of the preparation.

Why should I choose Carpe Diem Weddings for my marriage ?

I’m convinced that undertake a wedding organization abroad is a real challenge for you, source of stress and lot of questions. So I developed a very closeness service, with proven methods, accompaniment, advices and availability, to help you make the most of your wedding preparation. Full-service planning is not only a formula, but the very essence of my work.

5 (4)

  • Thank you Nathalie for organizing our wedding; it was a moment of pure happiness that we will cherish for a long time. We loved the little box of happiness that you created for us, everything was perfect, timing, decoration, organization, meals. We encountered some pitfalls from Diana which we will remember but which you were able to resolve. We had our “magical” wedding in a “mythical” city, we were enchanted and you pampered us. Many thanks for your professionalism.

    France & Thierry, July 11, 2023
  • I can't recommend this amazing Wedding Planner enough! Nathalie was nothing but professional and kind in everything she did for us. Difficulty with the bride in the UK, mother in Switzerland and with different time zones? - absolutely no problem! From the day we first met 18 months ago, to our daughters amazing wedding two weeks ago - Nathalie was just fabulous! Highly recommended by all our family!
    Brenda Veenendaal, July 2023
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